Gurin Flat Iron Won’t Damage Your Hair

With the features of adjustable heat from 240F to 450F Gurin Hair Straightener has become one of the preferred device in its segment as users can customize heat temperature as per their requisite.

Hair are the essential aspect of our looks, a little scissors here and there around your hair can give you a whole new persona. These days people are doing a lot of experiments with hair and hair straightening is one of the most preferred technique, transforming any sort of stubborn curls or frizzy hair into straight and smooth hair.
Hair straightening is of two types: temporary and permanent. It’s been observed that people generally prefer temporary type than the later one as it free from chemicals and hence is much safer than the permanent hair straightening.
One should be certainly be very careful when selecting a hair straightening device and they should go for trusted brands only, having experience of several years, advanced technology and most importantly a large number of happy users.
Gurin is one the premium brand and it’s hair straightener is one of the highest rated device in this segment. Gurin Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener has got number of reasons making it one of the most preferred device as if used properly, so first let’s understand the easy way to use it.
• Dry your hair and comb them.
• Spray heat protecting serum on your hair.
• Now make different sections of your hair.
• Take a section of hair, clip the hair straightening plates one inch above the roots and gently drag the plates towards the tip.
• Repeat the same step for all sections of your hair.

Gurin Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener has got a feature of adjustable temperature from 240F to 450F which protects the hair from damaging. There are different types of hair with varied hair thickness and have distinct heat resistance and with Gurin Hair Straightener they can adjust the heat as per their requisite. It has got tourmaline plates, helpful in aiding shine to your hair. Although one should avoid using hair straightener when hair are wet and should use heat protecting serum before using the hair straightener.


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