This Bathroom Scale Measures Way More Than Your Weight

Keeping a track of your weight can be a life changing event for you. If you consult with any doctor regarding any life threatening diseases like heart attack, blood sugar, blood pressure or any such kind of problem then they will ask you to keep your weight in track. A weight measuring scale helps in tracking your weight and that motivates in maintaining or loses some weight. Gurin Bathroom scale is the perfect product to track your weight and achieve all your health goals.

bathroom scale
Accuracy in the result is the main feature of any weight scaling machine. Gurin scales gives 100% accurate results and give a complete justice to the effort you are putting to achieve your small goals of weight loss. it has four sensor to measure the accurate weight these sensor works on German technology. This Bathroom scale can measure weight up to 180 KG. It has very big 4.3 inch LCD display to show your weight in digital format. This big screen helps in reading the results and no need to band. This big screen is very helpful for the very fat or old age people.
This Bathroom scale has step on technology which help in automatically switch on once you are step on and gets switch off after 10 sec of step down. This helps in saving the battery life also remove the manual efforts to switch on or off. It has very high quality of glass sheet which is unbreakable and has an extra layer of glass which increases the durability of this device. This is non slippery glass which avoids risk of slipping on wet glass. It also has the indicators of low battery and overload weight. These indicatory helps in changing the battery as when required. It works of AAA battery which is easily available.
This amazing health tracking monitor is coming in just $19.95 which is nothing compare to the features it has.



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