Who Else Wants Santamedical Tens Unit at More than 70% Off

Thousands of people spend a major part of their life in chronic pains. Santamedical tens unit can be a great aid for such kind of people. Now you can buy this amazing device with a special discounting offer of 70 percent.

Santamedical PM-510 Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is a one of the most useful tool that helps in lessens the chronic muscle pains. Initially when these kinds of machines were launched they are very expensive and mostly available at only medical centers. But now you can easily buy this device for home purpose in a very reasonable and pocket friendly price range. Santamedical has designed this device in such a manner so that it can be easily used in all most all the body parts such as legs, hands, shoulder, back, neck, joints and feet. It is a portable and light weighted device that not only used for pain relieving but also for improving blood circulation and muscle conditioning.
• Compact and portable device which is easy to carry anywhere along with you
• Adjustable timer settings of 10 to 60 minutes
• Automatic stimulation program setting with 8 modes
• Auto power off feature after 20 minutes of use, which minimize the power consumption
• Amendable massage strength level with decreasing and increasing settings
• Works at rechargeable lithium battery
What you get in the box
Santamedical PM 510 Tens unit is a complete package in itself. When you buy this product you will get a Tens Unit, 2 sets electrode wires, Pad and Wires Collector, USB Cable, 4 electrodes, Wall Unit Charger, Operating Manual and a TENS unit manual.
This exclusive offer is available at only limited stock so hurry up and order now!


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