Best Blood Pressure Monitors : Top 5 July 2017

Blood pressure monitors is one of the most commonly used medical devices. It has been widely used by millions of people. You can see the market is full with numerous categories and models of BP monitors. With so many options selecting the right model is become very difficult. In order to solve this complexity here we mention about the top 5 best blood pressure monitors.

Top 5 best blood pressure monitors of July 2017


1. Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor

Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor is one the most recommended and popular device of its category. With its advanced technology it automatically measures every single variation in the BP. It is a small, compact and very easy to use device.
• Capacity to store 60 BP readings
• Auto power off function
• Bright digital display screen
• Provides 100% accurate results
• Indicate with beep sound when measurement is done

2. Omron HEM-780

Omron HEM-780 is a wonderful device to monitor blood pressure level especially in the case of high BP. Its IntelliSense advanced technology provides most accurate results.
• Special features to detect the morning hypertension
• Large display screen
• Capacity to store 200 readings
• Comfit cuffs fits at 9’’ to 17’’ sized arms

3. Panasonic EW3152W

Panasonic EW3152W is another trustworthy BP monitors which can be used to keep an eye of BP fluctuations. You can measure the BP readings by just putting your arms in its touch system.
• Large LCD screen
• Digital filter sensor for precise results
• Quick results

4. Withings Monitor
With the advancement of technology this wireless BP monitor is become very popular. This fitness tracker has a wireless cuff which can connects with any iOS and android gadget. You can wear these cuffs and get the results at the screen of your phone or other device.
• Instant results
• Dual connectivity
• Automatic wireless sync

5. LifeSource with AccuFit

Lifesource BP monitor is a reliable and effective device. It uses HeartWise technology to identify the comprehensive noises during the inflation and deflation.
• Enlighten buttons
• 60 min recall option
• AC power adapter


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