How It Works: Pulse Oximeter

Previously to measure the oxygen level in blood doctors directly take the blood sample from the patient’s artery and test it. But now it can be measures by using pulse oximeter, which is a small device that sticks to the patient’s finger.

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Measuring the blood oxygen level is become very easy with the use of Santamedical Pulse oximeter. You can easily use this device at your home, office or any other place. This device is widely used in hospitals, medical clinics, ambulance, flights, gyms and during high rising sports activities. It is an important tool that used by pilots and sportsmen to observe the oxygen immersion of hemoglobin in their blood, when they are moving over 10,000 feet. At the normal ground level, oxygen saturation level of a normal person should be approx 98 percent. But as you climb on the rising heights you should probably try to maintain the oxygen level in blood over 90 percent.
How a pulse oximeter works?
A pulse oximeter works in a really brilliant manner. Instead of straightforwardly measuring the assessment of hemoglobin, this little gadget takes consistent estimations of the assimilation of particular wavelengths of light in oxygenated hemoglobin. Normally the color of our blood is red because it contains oxyhemoglobin, which makes it capable to soak up the light of specific wavelengths. Two types of lights are integrated by the pulse oximeter in which one is red and another is infrared. Oxyhemoglobin presented in our blood absorbs the infrared light and lessened hemoglobin absorbs the red light. The level of light absorption decides the blood oxygen level. The results of this process are shown on the digital display screen of the pulse oximeter.
How to read the results of Pulse oximeter?
You just need to follow some general guideline to comprehend values of SpO2 and oximeter readings. Normally the blood oxygen immersion level of a healthy person is approx 94% to 99%. And the SpO2 should be 90% or above in case of mild respiratory disease.


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