Key points to remember during steam inhalation

Steam inhalation is a very useful therapy to get an instant relief from various kinds of health problems like fever, cough or cold. By means of Gurin steam inhaler you can easily take advantages of this therapy. Here we discuss about the proper methods of steam inhalation.

steam inhaer
From ancient times our accentors were using steam inhalation method to heating up their body and treat seasonal health issues. In fact a proper technique has been mentioned in Ayurveda for steam inhalation with applying some medicinal herbs or oils at the body. Steam inhalation can be done with or without using medicated substance. In the past times, people use different techniques for steam inhalation but now various models of steam inhalers are available in the market in which Gurin steam inhaler is one of the best choice of customers. It is a latex free product that provides soothing constant vapors to treat various allergies and health problems. There are a huge advantages of using this therapy but only when if you do it in a proper manner. Excess use with mixing incorrect medicines can cause dangerous side effects on your body instead of providing benefits. So let’s have a look at the major points which you should keep in mind while steam inhalation with Gurin Steam inhaler-
• Do not turn on the inhaler in dry state.
• Do not mix hard water or salt in the water container.
• Do not mix any kind of balm or medicines in the water while steam inhalation.
• The entire process of steam inhalation should not exceed more than 5 minutes.
• Avoid the contact of steam with eyes as it can be very harmful for your eyes. Cover your eyes with a wet cloth or lotus petals before starting the process.
• Place the steam inhaler at a flat surface to avoid any adverse situation.
• Firstly turn off the power button before filling or removing the water.
• Keep it out the reach of children as it can be harmful for them.


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