Best Dehumidifiers for Basements, Crawl Spaces, and Other Damp Areas

Dehumidifier is a must in the area where humidity is high or in rainy humid season as it is very uncomfortable to breath in humid environment. Dehumidifier usually runs almost all the time in humid area to remove humid from the air that’s why it’s very important to select the best suitable dehumidifier for your use. Gurin Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier is the best in performance and power saving. It comes in different capacity and can be selected as per the need.


Gurin Electric Compact Dehumidifier work on the advance technology called Peltier (no compressor) which makes it very light in weight and portable. Gurin 1100 Cubic Feet dehumidifier is ideal for the small to midsize area. This is best suitable size for the bathroom, basement, small or midsize room, closet and any other area where lot of humidity presented in the air.
This humidifier is very small and portable. It can be easily placed on table, bathroom, closet, safe. It extracts the moisture from the air very efficiently and stores it in the container inside the unit itself. It automatically gets switched off in case the container is full and a LED indicator start showing that container need to be empty. It can store around 16 ounces of water and take around 2-3 days to completely full in a very humid environment like 80% humidity. This let you skip the cleaning for one or two days. Overheating was a major issue with dehumidifier. Consumer product safety commission has taken very strict action again in 2013 and recalled all such dehumidifiers. Gurin dehumidifier is free from overheating and no chance to cache fire.
Identifying the source of humidity is very important as in few cases even a Dehumidifier doesn’t work. You need to identify all source of humidity and try to mitigate all source of moisture. This can help you reduce good amount of humidity and save your cost by 50%.


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