The Gurin Water Flosser Earns The Trust Of American Dental Association

The device is cordless, water resistant, portable, easy to use, comes with two interchangeable nozzles, has powerful jet, three modes, BPA free and FDA approved.
A beautiful smile not only elevates your persona but makes you feel good and oral hygiene is utmost important to uphold your gorgeous grin. With increasing awareness about dental health and care, people are becoming more and more conscious for their oral wellness and visit their dentist for regular checkups.


Many elite dentist of ADA (American Dental Association) were studying different devices and products claiming to provide best oral hygiene, however only few have passed their quality checks and one of the them is Gurin Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Water Flosser with High Capacity Water Tank. It’s an advanced device cleaning your teeth and gums adroitly at your own convenience. It’s a feature rich device providing you professional dental care at your home, some of those attributes are listed below:-
Cordless, Water Resistant & Portable: No entanglement of wires, no worry of water splashes as the Water Flosser is cordless and water resistant giving you the freedom to use it in every corner of your mouth. It’s light in weight, compact making it a travel friendly water flosser.
User-Friendly: You simply need to fill the water in water tank till the mark given and can also add little mouth fresher to enhance your experience, cap it, turn it on and select the mode, however the brand suggests to use soft mode initially and gradually shift to the higher level.
Adept For Multiple Users: Along this equipment you’ll get two interchangeable nozzles with different color codes, sufficing this single device for multiple users.
Powerful Water Jet: It has got powerful water jet, flushing away all the debris, germs and food particles stuck on your gums between the mouth.
Three Modes: To personalize the water flossing experience device is loaded with three different modes: normal, soft and pulse. The not only sweep away germs but also massage your gums.
Safe To Use: Industry grade material is used for manufacturing the device, which makes it BPA free and the FDA approval ensure its safety measures and quality.
Dentists consider water flossing much safer and effective than air and string flossing and recommends Gurin Water Flosser for professional dental care at home, to know more about this device or to get best deals on it log on to Amazon & Walmart.


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