Say bye to ear problem with Santamedical Otoscope

Santamedical Otoscope is a device which is used to determine the issue in inner ear, throat & nose. This product is light weighted aaaa7 can be port the anywhere. It is also handy to use.

OtoscopeBasically an otoscope is a medical device and it is used to see the inner part of the ear. In hospital health workers & doctors generally use this device to monitor the issue in the ear, eardrum & for regular check up also. An otoscope gives a chance to see the ear canal and tympanic membrane or eardrum. Because the eardrum plays a great role in the border by separating the external ear canal from the middle ear, it gives indication of several diseases of the middle ear space. Generally an otoscope has two parts, 1- handle & 2- head. A light source and a low-power magnifying –lens has been place in the head side. This light helps to find out the issues like, waterfall, hyphema & foreign body. The distal (front) finish of the medical instrument has associate attachment for disposable plastic ear specula. The examiner initial straightens the meat us by propulsion on the pinna then inserts the ear speculum aspect of the medical instrument into the external organ
Not only the ear but also this device can be used to diagnose throat, nose issue etc. The device, otoscope is provided with a complete care kit
It is very handy to use and can be port to anywhere as per the requirement, because it is light weighted.
Its Hard plastic case packing is specially designed to give protection to device.
Micro suction with the use of this medical instrument pump- significantly, it’s accustomed suction very little parts of wax of the higher speculum.
Otisis Media & otitis extern, infection in the inner / middle ear diseases can be diagnosed through otoscope device.
Santamedical Otoscope has a good quality & long lasting halogen light, which helps to get clear view of inner ear, throat & nose area.
This Santamedical otoscope can be used in both home & hospital. If anyone wants to purchase this product for his personal uses, then it fine, because it is user friendly & handy to use.


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