Benefits Of Electronic Pulse Massager In Chronic Pain

Electronic Pulse Massager is an effective way to sway away the pain, it emits minor current in the ache prone area, increases blood circulation, contracts the muscles and brings relief in pain.


618zkykukyl-_sx522_Busy schedules have made the life hectic, giving no time for self-care eliciting into spasm and pain in different parts of body. Nowadays, it has become a common problem and a large part of population is suffering from different body aches resulting into uprooting of different therapies, pain killers, exercises, devices and many other techniques reducing muscle pain. Electrical muscle stimulation is one of the effective way to get relief from certain aches and pains. In this therapy, a device known as Electronic Pulse Massager is used emitting low level of electric currents in the ache prone area which stimulates muscles, increases blood circulation and brings relief in the pain. The Tens Unit is noninvasive in nature, lite, compact and easy to use enabling the user to use the device whenever and wherever required. Apart bringing relief in pain, the process aids in bringing relief in different muscle and joint ailments and also is helpful in many therapies such as:-
• Muscle Re-education:
• Muscle Atrophy:
• Osteoarthritis
• Pressure Sore Prevention

There are thousands of brands manufacturing such devices however, it’s essential to use a standard device known for its efficient working and effective results. One such device is Santamedical Dual Channel TENS Unit / EMS Unit Electrotherapy Pain Relief Tens Unit which has got a large number of users, happy with its functioning and have got relief in their muscle pain. The device has got eight preset Tens programs and six EMS preset programs with dual channel operation. With its independent intensity control users can customise the the speed as per their comfort, also the device has got adjustable timer from 5 – 60 mins. Front part of the device consists a bright LED screen exhibiting the program mode, therapy mode, time remaining and intensity level. It’s a very user-friendly Tens Unit, you just need to stick the electrode pads on the ache prone area, select the mode, customise the intensity, set the timer and enjoy the massage. It’s an effecacious device, has been proven to bring relief and know more about the device or to make a purchase, log on to Amazon & Walmart.


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