Gurin Launches Heat Adjustable Hair Straightener For All Hair Types

The device gives an option to adjust the heat as per the need making the device adept for all hair types. The users can select the temperature from 240F to 450F as per the thickness of their hair and it has also got tourmaline plates to add shine to their hair.


Hair are eminent part of our persona and even a slight change in them can transform the whole look, however, it’s been observed that at times our hair becomes so frizzy, making it a big endeavour to manage them. Nowadays, market is flooded with millions of products promising to rejuvenate your hair and make them look shiny and manageable, however one should select such products wisely as only few brands stand on their words. One such device is hair straightener, helping the users to straighten their hair and try different hairstyles everyday without much of hassle and expense.

Gurin is one of the most elite brand in Hair straightener segment and their device is known of its high quality and advanced technology making it a facile to straighten hair that too in few minutes. Gurin hair straightener comes with a distinct ‘adjustable heat’ feature enabling the user to increase or decrease the heat temperature as per requirement of individual’s hair. The temperature could be set between 240F to 450F to suit different hair types, however it’s always suggested to straighten the hair low level of heat as the temperature higher then the required ones might damage the hair.

Hence, to check the efficacy one should take a section of hair and straighten them with medium level of temperature and only if required raise the temperature. It’s been observed, thin hair requires less temperature and time to get straightened as compared to thick hair. One should certainly apply heat protection serum before gliding any hot plates on hair to protect them from damage due to excess of heat. Although, the aforementioned fret is minimised in with Gurin Heat Adjustable Hair Straightener as one could facilely lower down the temperature as per requirement. The plates have tourmaline on it embracing users hair with shine and lustrous. The Hair straightener makes the easy to manage and facile to try different hairstyles by your own and that too without spending much.
The device is available on Amazon & Walmart so get this device and say bye bye to dull and frizzy hair.


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