Santamedical Launched Professional Otoscope Handy For Home Use

The Otoscope is easy to use, comes with 2.5 V halogen lamp, the reusable speculas, swivel magnifying lens and is travel friendly.


Otoscope is a medical instrument used to check infection, debries or dust particals in the ear canal, it’s one of primitive equipment used for daignosing any ailment in ear. Initially otoscope was used by doctors and health care professionals only but these days people are taking help of internet and medical professionals to learn the proficient way to use the device by themselves hence avoiding the expense of visiting the doctor for minor issues. However, when it comes for medical equipment one should carefully select the device as that needs to pass certain what quality checks and have to brought from a trusted and experienced brand only. Santamedical is an elite brand in health care segment, crafting the devices with advanced technology and industry grade martials making these devices much superior than others in its segment. Santamedical also houses Professional Otoscope giving its users crisp and clear view of ear canal and the reasons making it facile to be used by layman are as follows:-
• 2.5V Halogen Lamp: It has got a 2.5V halogen lamp and with its bright light it becomes easy to notice even minute foreign particles or any abnormal thing there.
• Three Reusable Speculas: The Professional Otoscope comes with three reusable speculas making the single device fit for all family members.
• Swivel Magnifying Lens: The instrument comes with feature of swiveling magnifying lens, making even micro particals visible and lens the also swivels to different degrees to to give complete view of ear canal.
• Portable: It’s a handheld equipment, lite in weight and easy to carry, comes with a plastic case to protect it from wear and tear while traveling and runs on two ‘C’ batteries.
• Easy To Use: The Professional Otoscope is easy to use, the user needs to slightly glide the tip of specula inside the ear canal and view from the lens given on the top.
The Otoscope is available on one of the leading e-commerce platform Amazon & Walmart to know more about the device or to make a purchase simply log on to the aforementioned site.


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