Santamedical RY 230 Get Award For Accurate Infrared Thermometer

The device is innovative, does not come in contact, portable, readings are highly accurate which also won it an award , it can store upto 32 readings and runs on two AAA batteries.


Thermometer is one of the most basic medical equipment, generally available at every home to monitor the temperature of the body. With time the technology has advanced and so the device has also, initially only mercury thermometers were available, quite difficult to check the readings on it. Then came the digital thermometer which were user-friendly but needs to come in contact of body to measure the temperature. To eradicate this flaw infrared thermometers were invented where user need not to bring the device in contact of human body. The device is blessing especially when varied viruses, bacterias, and communicable diseases are at their peak as it won’t aid in transferring of germs from one person to another.

However, when it comes to health and care one should go for only certified, quality and trusted devices. Santamedical is an elite label in health and care segment, it’s known for supreme quality of its products and has recently added feather in its cap by getting award for its infrared thermometer, ‘Santamedical RY 230’ for displaying accurate body temperature in different conditions. The award always motivates to do better and exhibits the evidence of your superemacy from all.

The Infrared Theromoeter is really stupendous, it looks like a toy gun, looks nice and is made from standard material. The Infrared Theromoeter is very easy to use, one just need to hold the device before the forehead or tear deduct and switch it on, the temperature readings will be displayed in less than a second. However, the user should maintain the distance of 1 – 4 inch from the from the body. The Infrared Theromoeter runs on two AAA batteries and it’s one set can exhibit upto 1 lakh readings, it has got storage space as well, maintaining the record of last 32 readings. The readings are displayed on the screen given on the device and it’s readings are tested against different thermometers and it came out to be highly accurate. All the aforementioned attributes make it a feature-rich device, to know more about the device or purchase it log on to Walmart & Amazon.


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