Santamedical Infrared Thermometer Quick Temperature Readings

If works like magic, very easy and quick, works on non-contact technology, gives out accurate readings, has storage space for upto 32 readings, portable and runs on two AA batteries giving upto 100 thousands readings with single set of batteries.


 Every day the technology is burgeoning making our life much facile, with the highly advanced gizmos you can accomplish your task in much easier and quick easy. Thermometer is one of the basic health and care device, generally available at everybody’s home, some might have the mercury one and some might have the digital one, however, an advanced variant infrared thermometer is also available now. It’s a revolutionary thermometer add one does not need to bring this meter in contact with human body as it’s capable to give out accurate readings even with 1 – 4 inch display. Santamedical Infrared Thermometer is one of the finest thermometer available and the features making it so popular are as follows:-

  • Easy & Quick: The thermometer is very easy to use, just hold it in front the forehead of patients with distance of 1″ to 4″ and turn it on, it will display the temperature in less than a second and if the temperature is higher, an alarm will buzz to signify high temperature.
  • Non-Contact Technology: No contamination no transferring of germs. As it works on infrared technology one does not need to bring the device in contact of body preventing transmitting of germs and bacteria’s.
  • Accurate: It can easily measure the temperature ranging between 89 – 109 F and the readings are highly accurate making it most p referred thermometer in elite health and care institutes of USA.
  • Storage: For future reference you can store upto 32 readings in this infrared Thermometer.
  • Portable & Low Energy Consumption: It’s a probe like Infrared Thermometer with a compact size allowing it facilely glide in your pocket or small compartment of your handbag. It runs on two AA batteries which can measure upto 1,00,000 readings in just single set of batteries.

 It works like magic especially for infants and critical patient with whom taking temperature readings is a big task, so ahead and get this stupendous device on Amazon and Walmart.


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