Santamedical Electrode Pads work very well with All Tens Unit

Santamedical 40 pack of 2″ X 2″ Re-Usable Electrode Pads is compatible with various TENS Unit with high quality reusable gel. Flexible solid carbon electrode pads give optimum charge delivery. Total 40 pcs are supplied in the pack 2 x 2 inches each.

41d1wbicphlRapid pace busy schedules  have  brought prosperity to almost everyone’s life but it has got a cost as well. Fatigue and tiredness are becoming part of our life and we need to timely tackle them else they can lead to many psychosomatic syndromes. Many means and methods are available in the market for doing this. Various massagers, IF and TENS units are available which have got their own operating cost. has brought in the market one of its most versatile product till date that is Santamedical 40 pack of 2″ X 2″ Re-Usable TENS/EMS Unit Electrode Pads with Premium Gel (White Cloth). These are flexible solid carbon electrode pads which give maximum charge delivery and at the same time comfort.

These electrode pads are widely compatible across the brands in various electrotherapy equipments. The pack contains 10 Packs of 4 electrode pads that means a total of 40 pieces with a size of  2 inches X 2 inches. The electrodes are provided with high quality reusable gel which gives maximum comfort and optimum charge delivery over the repeated uses. The gel is non toxic and non allergic. The better you take care of the electrodes during uses, the longer they will last.

The long lasting electrode pads have got a good shelf life and will definitely outlast you any other brand you have ever tried. The price is very competitive especially for the quality you get.

Santamedical brand name has  been trustworthy in electro medical equipments, and in this product as well they keep their flag high. The product ID readily available at Amazon and just few clicks away. So why wait, order yours today and enjoy a fatigue free life.


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