Santamedical Launches New Tens Unit

Santamedical is the company which manufactures the class 2 medical devices which help the patients in many ways. This is company which improves it product every time when they launch it. This company has best reviews related to its products. If we are talking about it New Tens Unit than it none other than, Santamedical PM- 510 Tens Units Electronic Pulse Massager with Rechargeable Battery. It is one of the best and new devices these days.

Features of Santamedical PM- 510 Tens Units Electronic Pulse Massager is as:

71zeuhoc8yl-_sx522_This is the product which is very compact, portable, micro computer which controls all devices. It can be used in many parts of our body like on our arms, our neck and shoulders, our back, our low back, legs, our feet’s etc. this device gives us relieve in our pains and it also give us numbness in some situations like stiffness in neck, in muscle pains. Some more features are as:

  1. It has eight auto modes programs and it also have pause button in it.
  2. It also has auto shut off timer of 10 to 60 minutes. It also has 20 minutes setting program.
  3. It has adjustable setting options in it. You have increase and decrease buttons to adjust the level of massager.
  4. It is very compact and portable device.
  5. It has attachment pads, rechargeable battery and power adapter with this device.
  6. It comes in a bag with tens unit handheld controller, 4 electrodes, a tens unit manual, 2 sets of electrode wires, a wall unit charger, USB cable, pad and wired collector and operating manual.
  7. You can easily carry this product with you anywhere.
  8. This is very light weighted product.

It has so many features in it. You can easily buy this product from anywhere.  Santamedical PM- 510 Tens Units Electronic Pulse Massager is one of the best and helpful product which helps in relieving from pains.  This device can be used by our any family member of any age group. If you want to make your life without any type of pain than buy this product and enjoy your life.


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