10 Common Kitchen Mistakes and How to avoid them with Kitchen Scale

Cooking is the passion of every lady on this universe. During cooking we all does some silly mistakes and then we all think how we can avoid them.

Here are some common mistakes and ideas to avoid them with kitchen scale

  1. 71ca22aspl-_sl1500_The first mistake is that we generally don’t read the full recipes before cooking by this we just missed some important steps or ingredients while making the food.
  2. Whenever we try any new recipe, we generally don’t taste while making it, which results in untasty food. So we must try our food while cooking it.
  3. If you pan is not properly hot then your food will not become proper and tasty. This type of cooking shows that you are in hurry or you are an inexperienced cook.
  4. If you want a balanced diet for your family member and for yourself then you must use proper cooking oils in your food.
  5. We generally put our eggs in cold water while boiling them, which is a bigger mistake from our side. We must add eggs in the hot water along eggs we must add salt and oil in that water. It will help to separate the shell from eggs.
  6. While making rice, we generally do one bigger mistake of not allowing rice to get proper steam after cooking. If we will not allow rice to get proper steam then it will become gummy and sticky.
  7. We must do preparation before cooking food which will help in doing proper and fast cooking.
  8. We must use properly sharper knifes. A sharp knife is very helpful in cutting the vegetables and it also save your time.
  9. We generally don’t use chopping board. But this is very helping while slicing the vegetables’, cheese and many other useful things of which are use while making food.
  10. If you use butter in your cooking then don’t use cold butter, keep that butter aside in your kitchen and keep it for some time that it become normal then use it as your recipes demands.

So use them in your daily routine and make your cooking comfortable and interesting.


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