10 Common Kitchen Mistakes and How to avoid them with Kitchen Scale

Cooking is the passion of every lady on this universe. During cooking all does some small and big mistakes and then we thought how we have to avoid them.

Here are some common mistakes and ideas to avoid them with kitchen scale

  1. 71ca22aspl-_sl1500_First one is our ovens. We generally preheat our oven which is not necessary every time. Sometimes it is required like for some special items like cakes, muffins etc.
  2. If you are having problems in making omelets in simple pans then go for nonstick pan. They will help you in making perfect omelets. Not only omelets, you can make pancakes and dosa on that.
  3. You don’t do preparations before your cooking. If you will do that it makes you easy what you are going to prepare. You can peel potatoes; peel garlic etc before cooking food on gas stove.
  4. First of all you have to know the recipe of food which you are going to prepare. If you know that properly than it will save your time and efforts.
  5. Your knives are not properly sharper. It is actually very dangerous when you do slicing with that. A sharp knife is very helpful in cutting the vegetables and it also save your time.
  6. We generally don’t use chopping board. But this is very helping while slicing the vegetables’, cheese and many other useful things of which are use while making food.
  7. So many people go to hospital for food poisoning every year. We must take care of our food like it must be clean, cook and chill.
  8. You don’t remember when you have taken the food like (fish, chicken) and just kept in your refrigerator. So just label and mention date on that so you can use that in proper time.
  9. You must use pressure cooker while making food. It saves time and it also known as green appliance which use less energy.
  10. You don’t start your work without sequence. You just mix everything while making food which makes you to do blunder mistakes.

So use them in your daily routine and make your cooking comfortable and interesting.


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