Santamedical Tens Unit is the best device for Period Pains with Electricity

Santamedical always deals in the best products which gives us relief from all types of pains through so many devices. Santamedical Company always introduced helpful and useful products for their patients. This time Santamedical Tens Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager – Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management is the best device for Period Pains with Electricity.

Santamedical Tens Unit is the best device

618zkykukyl-_sx522_It is a massager which has microcomputer control features in it. It has six automatic programs and has three different styles of modes in it to adjust massager to suit you. This is the device which can be used at two areas at same time. It is easily available in the market and is also recommended by doctors. It is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Features of Santamedical Tens Unit

This device has six automatic modes and it speed is flexible; you can easily adjust this according to your need.

It has a very great and huge frequency which gives fast relief to your pain.

These devices include 4 connection pads with it.

It is very portable and compatible.

It has a power of DC 6V and it include 4 AAA batteries.

It gives relief to our all kinds of pains whether it is muscle pain, chronic pain, stress relief or from stiffness. It has a very advanced technology in it.

It has a small LCD screen which shows all the details of the massager on screen. It shows massage style, intensity and the time remaining in massage.

It is very small and light weighted product which you can carry anywhere with you.

This device is very useful and helps in pain relief. It can be used by any family member who is suffering from any type of pain. You can take easy massage from this device. This is very small in size and very light in weight. It is approximately 5.3 ounce and its dimensions are as. 1 *0.3 *6 inches.  Santamedical Company is ISO certified which has all the best products for relief in pain. This is the device which gives you customer satisfaction.


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