Santamedical Launches Dual Channel Electronic Pulse Massager For Pain Relief

Santamedical dual channel electronic Pulse massager is a handy device to allay your pain and soreness. Effective in pain relief, this device is battery operated and absolutely portable. It delivers the therapy in different modes & intensity and can be used at different body parts.

10th November 2016; For Immediate Release

61bs6vvg-xl-_sx522_It’s been observed that in this fast moving world people suffer from lots of  physical and mental stress which results in fatigue and body ache. Many massagers and other equipments have been launched to bring relief in pain but it’s very important to buy these products from a certified and trusted brand. One such brand is Santamedical, a manufacturing unit producing health oriented products. The company has recently launched Electronic Tens Unit Handheld Pulse Massager which has got dual channel and can be simultaneously used on two different parts of body. It’s very effective and users are very happy with the product, below are some of its distinguished features:

  • Six Auto Modes: There are different modes suitable for pain in different parts of body. You can select one of the modes based on your requirement and start with the massage.
  • Dual Channels: This device has got dual channels output that means you can deliver the therapy on two different body sites at the same time.
  • Reusable Pads: Supplied with four reusable pads, the equipment can be used while applying two or all the four pads at the same time depending upon the intensity of pain and area to be covered.
  • Battery Life: This device has got decent battery life and is powered by four AAA batteries which easily lasts you for sessions of massages.
  • Three Selectable Massages: Available with three preloaded massage variations, the speed and intensity of the massage is fully customisable.
  • Display: The machine has got the LCD display on front which clearly shows the mode, time and intensity of therapy being delivered.
  • Portable: This TV remote sized device is easily portable and weighs merely 5.3 ounces. It can be carried along while traveling

All this comes with the confidence of the brand Santamedical and  hundred percent money back guarantee. So why wait now, just login to now and get your device to stay healthy.


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