SM-240 OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter- sWell-built, Accurate, Easy to Use.

Oximeter is the device used to read pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level, especially designed for athlete and for the person working at high altitude. Accuracy along with easy to use design makes the product popular in its segment.

61iuspw0tul-_sx522_Finger pulse oximeter is the device used to detect pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level. The device has been designed especially for athlete and for those persons who works at high altitude like pilot. Device is very helpful to detect if the oxygen intake of the body is sufficient or not, if not we can avoid casualties. Doctors around the globe recommend this device for a better lifestyle. The device has gained popularity in its segment, even before it was launched and showing a upward demand trend with every day passing.

Price of the product is affordable, so there is no reason to not to buy the product. Manufacturer of the product has taken good care when it comes to using the device so that person of any age could find the product easy to use. The device contains self-adjusting finger clamp plus simple one-button design allows for easy operation. Along with easy to use feature, the device also has sleek body design, small and less weight, which provides the product portability and which means we can take it anywhere we want. It can be kept in our pocket just like a pack of chocolate. Accuracy is the USP of the product, it detect the real time pulse rate with almost 100% accuracy, which makes the product more reliable. The device has bright OLED display and has feature of auto power which helps in less consumption of batteries.

As the product is used for avoiding casualties, the quality and the accuracy of the product must be ensured before buying. This issue can be resolved if we buy the product online on e-commerce website, where we can scroll down to see the rating and review of the product by its existing customer and can also opt for refund if we are not fully satisfied with the product.


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