Generation 2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter- easy to use, big screen available in 3 Color

Oximeter device is used to detect Spo2 and pulse rate to avoid any critical situation and its lightweight helps use to carry everywhere we go.

71HRi-It2bL._SX522_.jpgOximeter device is a fingertip device designed for accurate measurement of SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation level), fast Spo2 readings, pulse measurement that helps in knowing pulse rate and blood saturation level on the spot that eventually helps an individual to take step accordingly. While playing sports or climbing mountain or even sitting one can check their pulse rate to avoid any kind of emergency. As the device is used for such critical work, quality must be ensured so as to avoid any glitches. This device is much more helpful for pilot or someone who works at high altitude so that they can update themselves about oxygen level in their body.

For such device the most important specification should be its light weight so that it can be taken easily from one place to another and also it should be easy to use so that people of all ages could use the device effectively. For the people with the eye problems, it is advisable that they should check the size of screen and also the brightness so as to avoid any difficulties in using the device.

Along with the above qualities, there are some more specifications that are desirable such as follows-

  • The device should accommodate wide range offinger size
  • The device should be quick
  • The device should also comes with automatic power off technique
  • Long battery life should be there
  • Last but not the least a friendly customer service is also required

Some manufactures provides hassle free warranty, which is itself a clue that the product is of good standard and even then if any glitches is found, warranty is there. The good part is this device is available on e-commerce website and one can find it easily and can also return it with full refund, if not satisfied.


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