Santamedical launches dual channel Tens Unit

Santamedical is specializes in designing and development of TENS Units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and TENS electrode products. They had recently launched newly developed dual channel TENS systems with powerful preprogramed and customizable program that suits your various requirements. Santamedical dual channel TENS is regularly used and recommended by doctors. Santamedical dual channel TENS provides ultimate therapy in pain management. The mild electrical waves are delivered using analog technology to provide a high quality signal through the electrodes. It is a Dual isolated channel which allow for independent adjustment of each lead wire allowing for various adjustments to ensure proper treatment as instructed by your doctor.61bs6vvg-xl-_sx522_

Features of Santamedical dual tens unit

Its analog signals can be adjusted up to three different wave forms: asymmetrical, bi-phase and square pulse.

It is lightweight, portable and can be attached by a clip.

It has 2 lead wires, a 9-volt battery, 1 package of pre-gelled electrodes and an operating manual.

It is very useful in pain relief, beauty treatment and various health care.

it can be used alongside medication.

It is highly versatile, personal TENS unit for home, work or travel that delivers immediate relief.

This is a simple, drug-free solution for arthritic, muscular, joint and back pain relief.

This is also work as a effective massager and it electronically induced muscle exercisers.

Its helps in getting all types of pain relievers from shoulder, hand, back, joint and back pain.

It’s a powerful unit which allows you to choose from various pre-set body programs and customizable programs to suit your treatment.

It provides quick relief with dual channel functionality that surrounds your pain with two electrode pads or with four electrode pads. It comes with preset and customized body programs.

Amazing device to try your hands on

Santamedical has launched amazing dual channel Tens Unit which is best of all in these days. It is the simplest and easy to use for your pains. Santamedical dual channel is a lightweight, portable and simple-to-operate and with a fantastic selection of massage programs. It delivers targeted and effective pain relief for 30 minutes. Santamedical is easily available, without a prescription. All these features make its ease to use and value your money.


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